Marc Jacobs Slammed for Using Underage Models at Fashion Week 1Designer Marc Jacobs is under fire after flouting fashion industry recommendations against using models under the age of 16 at New York Fashion Week.

Jacobs, 48, sent two 14-year-old models down the catwalk at his fall 2012 runway show during New York Fashion Week on Feb. 13.

Models Thairine Garcia and Ondria Hardin, both 14 (pictured at right), strutted the runway wearing Jacobs’ laughable Dr. Seuss/Jamiroquai-inspired hats and frumpy, oversized outfits. While some designers are unaware of the ages of their models, a defiant Marc told the New York Times he’ll do his runway show the way he sees fit.

Models Unite to End Industry Abuse

“I do the show the way I think it should be and not the way somebody tells me it should be,” said Jacobs. “If their parents are willing to let them do a show, I don’t see any reason that it should be me who tells them that they can’t.”

The Council of Fashion Designers of America has recommended that models under the age of 16 not be used in runway shows. However, the age guidelines are merely suggestions, and not mandatory requirements.

Meanwhile, Internet comments indicate that consumers are widely opposed to the use of underage models, saying it promotes an unhealthy body image and beauty standard. Some readers also point out that most 14-year-old girls cannot afford to buy Marc Jacobs’ overpriced, cartoonish designs anyway.

Here’s a sampling of reader reactions:

This is outrageous. Is he designing clothes for children, no supposedly for women- Obviously his clothes are so foul he needs a poker straight child to bring any form of what society deems as appeal to them. Which ineffect is warped that women strain to starve themselves to look like a child/boy. It is these “Artistic” idiots who drive the size 0 malarkey.

Ondria Hardin, Ford Models Defy NY Fashion Week Age Ban

The reason why it is so important NOT to use younger models is because starvation at younger ages seriously impacts a person’s health for the rest of their life. If a girl is malnourished when she is developing, she may have her growth stunted, as well as have skeletal and reproductive problems as an adult. If an adult wants to make the decision to starve themselves, that’s still not good, but much better than a child. Sadly, some parents would even encourage their child to damage their health to do this because they are fame obsessed stage parents. Maybe one out of 100,000 14 year old girls is naturally skinny enough to be on the runway- but if you start letting underage girls in you know most of them will be put on restrictive, damaging diets. 14 year old girls do not have the maturity to fully understand what it means to take years off their life because of brittle bones and weakened immune systems, or possibly lose the ability to have children.

That simply HAS to be one of the most ridiculous outfits I have ever seen. Especially on a 14 year old girl! The poor child must have been so uncomfortable under those lights! Who the heck told this man he can design clothes? They LIED!

Looks like something out of Dr. Seuss book, perhaps the Cat in the Hat inspired his new “collection”. What a joke.