Justin Bieber Flips Out (Literally) at Fans at Disneyland (watch!) 1Teen sensation Justin Bieber turned ugly during an outing with Selena Gomez at Disneyland, showing a distinct difference between his personality and his carefully crafted public relations image.

Bieber lost his cool with fans who were following him at the park. He gave two young girls the finger and yelled “fu*k you!” The fans were stunned.

They happened to be videotaping the star on the ride on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) when he acted out and caught the whole scene on video. “F**k you,” Justin yelled to the girl, who screamed, “I follow you on Twitter!”

Check out Justin’s photo; click to enlarge.

Justin Bieber Flips Out (Literally) at Fans at Disneyland (watch!) 2

Justin Bieber was caught on video giving the finger to fans at Disneyland. Selena Gomeze was with him and looking on. Click photo to enlarge.

The teens were incredulous over his behavior. They giggled and kept repeating, “Justin Bieber told me ‘fu*k you!'”

The incident is in sharp contrast to Bieber’s public persona. He has been portrayed as a humble and self-effacing pop star who cares deeply about his fans and is deeply religious. He staged a photo-op was a six-year-old fan, who is suffering from cancer on Valentine’s Day as well.

But Bieber also has a nasty side. The pop star allegedly shoved a 12-year-old boy during a laser tag game last October. Police investigated, but no charges were filed.

During a London outing last November, he shocked fans waiting outside a restaurant when he acted surly and gave photographers the finger with each hand as he left the eatery, not once but twice.

He’s also still dogged by allegations he fathered a child during a back-stage tryst in Los Angeles with a 20-year-old San Diego woman. So far, the case remains unresolved.

Bieber was visiting the theme park with brother, Jaxon, 2, and sister, Jazmyn, 3, his mom, Pattie Mallette, and Gomez.

It’s a wonder how much longer Gomez is going to put up with his juvenile behavior. It can’t be helping her career to condone his behavior when she’s trying to maintain some semblance as a role model, even if he isn’t. Check out the video below.