Jennifer Aniston Wanderlust

Jennifer Aniston talks a good game about on-screen nudity but don’t expect to see any topless scenes of her in her new movie “Wanderlust.” Some scenes were shot, but Jen was not too happy about them.

“Yeah, there was a lot of [nudity],” Aniston, 43, tells ET Canada (See below). “Bottomless, topless. Yeah, there is. It’s happening.”

Aniston told the show her nude scenes fit “the spirit of the movie,” which is about a couple who stumbles on a rural alternative lifestyle commune, where just about anything goes.

“‘Liberating’ is a good word to use,” she said of her character’s appearance in the buff. But appearing in the buff is a matter of interpretation.

What’s more, it seems like almost every Jennifer Aniston film is hyped by rumors that she will be doing a topless scene. It happened with her movie “Horrible Bosses,” when rumors flew that she would be in a “secret” nude scene.

“She shot a topless scene, but production sources aren’t sure if they’ll use it,” UsWeekly reported. Same hype. Not surprisingly, she appeared “topless” but her breasts were covered by her lab coat.


The rumor surfaced, again, when Aniston was set to appear with Vince Vaughn in “The Break Up.” She did appear naked “technically.” Her bare butt flashed on the screen in a blurred shot for three seconds. That was it. (see below)

Aniston reportedly “pleaded” for her topless scene to be cut from her new movie “Wanderlust,” out of respect for her boyfriend and co-star Justin Theroux. That reason sounds pretty specious, since married actresses routinely appear topless in movies.

In the scene, Aniston is topless during a protest caught by TV news cameras. The scene was originally shot with frontal nudity, an insider told Web site TheWrap.

But the on-screen version will only show Aniston from behind, with her chest obscured by pixelation in the TV screen shots as they would be in a real news broadcast. That’s exactly how far she went in “The Break Up,” so nothing new or groundbreaking here.

Aniston publicist Stephen Huvane said the actress did not ask for the scene to be toned down. “The scene is how it was always supposed to be,” he told TheWrap.

Anniston joked that she just “figured out how to throw on a pair of sunglasses” when other actors were naked on the set. Is she really that insecure about her movies that she has to tease about being naked? Get over yourself Jen.

The Judd Apatow-produced film hits theaters Feb. 24. Check out the videos below.