Mad Men B*tches Are Back for Season 5; Hot Promos (watch!) 1Joan Harris is a girl in trouble. When “Mad Men” season four ended 18 months ago she’d just told Roger she was knocked up. Betty Draper’s been misbehaving too. So will the women get their comeuppance on Season five?

The two characters, played by Christina Hendricks and January Jones, respectively, were featured in two new promos released today (Feb. 21).

In what may be the longest pregnancy ever, Joan and Roger Sterling (John Slattery) restarted their affair and Joan was knocked up pronto. Her husband, who is in Vietnam doesn’t know a thing.

She assures Roger she’ll “take care” of it, but didn’t have the heart to go through with an abortion when the season ended.

Don and Betty were still stalking each other even though at season’s end Betty told Don she didn’t love him and roughed up his bratty daughter, Sally, played by hot child actress Kiernan Brennan “Kiki” Shipka, 12.

Since season finale, January has given birth for real to a son, Xander Dane Jones, although she has never revealed the father’s identity.

The show will premiere with a two-hour special on Sun., Mar. 25 at 9pm ET/PT, according to AMC. After that, it will appear at its regular time, 10pm, on Sundays.

The fourth season is available On Demand. AMC is also airing repeats Sunday morning at 6:00am, cover all four seasons leading up to the Mar. 25 premiere of season five.

“Mad Men” is the first basic cable series to win an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series for four consecutive years. The series focuses on Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and his New York City advertising agency during the go-go 1960s, where the sexual revolution and male chauvinism collide.

Check out the Season 5 promos below and say hello to the ladies.