Jennifer Lawrence the New Kristen Stewart in Hunger Games (watch!) 1Jennifer Lawrence could be the next Kristen Stewart. Hunger Games fans are hungry for tickets to the movie’s debut next month. Tickets went on sale this week and are flying out as fast as Katniss’s arrows.

Lionsgate, which just bought Twilight studio Summit Entertainment, is hoping to score just as big with the action-adventure fantasy. And so far, it appears to be on target.

Tickets went on sale Wednesday (Feb. 22) and moved at a “Twilight” speed. Fandango, an online ticket seller said the movie accounted for 83 percent of the site’s total sales that day.

“The Hunger Games” topped “Twilight Sage: Eclipse” to become the new one-day ticket seller, the site said.

“The Hunger Games is off to a fantastic start. [Wednesday] we saw the biggest first day advance ticket sales in our company’s nearly 12-year history – which is especially impressive for a March release and a non-sequel,” said
Rick Butler, Fandango Executive Vice President and General Manager, in a statement.

“Even in the fact of big openers like Act of Valor and Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, the advance ticket sales for The Hunger Games are still going strong. According to a Fandango poll, it’s the most anticipated new franchise of the year,” added Fandango’s Harry Medved.

The movie is based on the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, which has been printed in 26 different languages and sold in 38 countries. “Twilight” was also based on a book series by Stephanie Meyer.

The story focuses on Everdeen, a 16-year-old who lives in post-Apocalyptic Panem. It’s a totalitarian state located where the United States once existed. Those in power keep the populace sated with a blood sport known as the Hunger Games.

Cast members are planning on a limited national tour to meet press and fans March 3-10. But most of the stops are confined to the mid-west. New York and other Eastern Seaboard cities are not on the itinerary.

Check out the spot below: