Chandler Massey Makes Soap Opera History; First Gay Kiss (watch) 1Chandler Massey and Jesse Kristofferson make soap-opera with a historic guy-on-guy kiss during an episode of “Days of Our Lives.” Too bad daytime television soaps are going the way of dinosaurs thanks to talk and reality television.

Sex has always been a ready ingredient of television soaps, but never before has any show ventured so daringly into the world of homosexual love as “Days,” as it’s familiarly known.

Massey plays regular Will Horton and Jesse is a hunky stranger named Neil. They fall into each other’s arms outside a party, according to a clip that has gone viral online. Will, after being closeted, is apparently ready to let it all hang out.

“After living with self-loathing and disgust over not being able to accept himself, compounded by everything else that is going on in Will’s life, he’s tightly wound,” Massey told Soap Opera Digest.

Jesse, 29, is the son of country singer Kris Kristofferson, 75, and Lisa Meyers. His acting credits are pretty thin, although he did star as an extra on Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes,” which featured his father.

Massey has played Will Horton since February 2010 and has also appeared on “One Tree Hill,” HBO’s “Eastbound & Down” and “Army Wives.” He also had a lead role in the independent film “Smash” released last February.

The soap has been on the air since 1965. The show has been trying to attract younger viewers ever since soap powerhouse ” All My Children” was pulled from the air.

Check out the video below: