Whitney Houston's Last Interview: Upbeat, But Fearful (watch!) 1Whitney Houston seemed in good spirits in what became her last interview before her sudden death Feb. 11 in the Beverly Hilton Hotel on the eve of the Grammy Awards Show. But there were also telltale signs of distress.

Houston sat down with “Entertainment Tonight’s” Mark Stein along with Jordan Sparks and Director Salim Akil to talk about their new movie “Sparkle.”

Although Houston appeared to have it together for the interview, she was fearful of doing it alone. She insisted that Sparks and Akil join her, Stein revealed. The interview took place on the set and Houston was in hair curlers for the scene.

But she also insisted on changing into a dress and putting on makeup before sitting down to talk. Stein said she looked “healthier and heavier” than he could recall.

Whitney animatedly discussed a connection between the movie and the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, where her funeral was held last week. The church in the movie is named the same, and her character sings in the choir, she revealed.

Despite her extensive drug abuse, Whitney drew the line on cursing around her daughter Bobbi Kristina and refused to let her listen to rap music with explicit lyrics. “I did that with my own daughter. I said, ‘We’re not listening to that, no,'” she recalled.

Whitney seemed to favor gospel music almost exclusively. “[Whitney] had an iPod and she’d be blasting gospel, and I’d put on ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ or something. She’d say, ‘You listen to this?’ and I’d say, ‘Yes, I do,” Sparks, 22, told Access Hollywood in a separate interview.

“One night we were waiting for the camera change and we all stood up and starting Dougie-ing. It was this crazy moment. It was so funny and such an out of body experience. I’m going, ‘This is Whitney Houston, regal Whitney Houston’ and there she was, just getting down. It was awesome,” Sparks added.

In the film, Sparks plays Sparkle a talented singer from a tough Detroit neighborhood. The film is set in the 1970s and charts the rise of Motown Records. It’s loosely based on the 60s girl group The Supremes led by Diana Ross.

Whitney plays Sparkle’s struggling mother. The film also stars Derek Luke, Mike Epps and Cee Lo Green.

During the interview Houston expressed surprised she was called about filming the role because it had been so long since her last picture. Her voice sounds unusually rough and she shifted constantly in her chair during the interview.

Check it out below.