Rihanna Snaps at Fans Dismayed Over Chris Brown Hookup 1Rihanna is rapidly going from one of the hottest singers in pop to one of the most dismayed as a result of her hook up with the rap star who beat her unconscious three years ago on the eve of the Grammys.

She snapped at a fan on Twitter over her decision to renew her relationship with Chris Brown, who was convicted of assaulting her and sentenced to five years probation.

“I gotta admit, I lost alot of respect for @rihanna.. Makin a song w/ the dude that beat your face off is not a good look,” a fan wrote on Twitter last week. Rihanna should have just let it go, but she couldn’t resist snapping back.

“@JuhReeV neither is your avi #clapback,” she replied. “U Mad? #No1Currrrrr”, she later added, posting a scowling photo of herself dragging on a cigarette.

Rihanna and Brown contributed to remixes of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake,” and Brown’s “Turn Up the Music.” They have also been spending more private time together.

While there were reports the two might perform live together on “American Idol,” Rihanna’s reps claim rumors of talks with the Fox show are untrue.

Rihanna can afford to insult some of her scolding fans. Since the collaboration was released Rihanna has gained 40,000-plus followers on Twitter, according to TwitterCounter.com, which tracks followers. Brown gained more than 30,000 followers.

It could be because of her latest salacious tweets to her 14-plus million followers. “U gon’ learn today…..what a long d*ck look like,” RiRi tweeted yesterday (Feb. 24). The tweet was a play on Kevin Hart‘s comedy special “Laugh At My Pain.” Later she added: “#RedLipstick all on da papa…Lemme grab my d*ck while ya sit on top!”

Still, the reunion is not sitting well with domestic violence groups. “They love them, they think they change, and abusers are particularly good at convincing you they’ve changed,” Rita Smith, of the National Coalition of Domestic Violence, told MTV.