Selena Gomez a Marked Woman; Talks Real Love (photos!) 1Selena Gomez is a marked woman. She got a new tattoo in time for a pre-Oscar party, although it’s tiny one on her right wrist. And, it’s got nothing to do with Justin Bieber.

It was widely reported that the tattoo is a tiny heart, but the 19-year-old singer told Access Hollywood the tattoo is actually a music note.

She said it reflects her love of music. “Everybody thought that it was a heart for some reason, but music is a big influence in my life,” she said at The Fifth Annual Women in Film Pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles on Friday (Feb. 24).

“I was named after a singer, I’m a singer and a lot of other personal reasons,” she explained. “So, that’s what I got.

“And there’s music stuff with my mom that means a lot to me, too,” she added.

But that doesn’t mean her relationship with Bieber is on the wane. Gomez also wore a diamond ring in the shape of a “J,” which obviously was a gift from Justin. Gomez was quick to point out that it doesn’t signify that a wedding is in the near future.

“That’s like almost a friendship ring,” Selena said. “It’s just for fun.” She even wore it on her right hand.

While Selena now joins the likes of Miley Cyrus as a painted lady, she doesn’t plan on adding to her tat collection anytime soon. “I was a pansy so I’m good for now for a while,” she adds.

Gomez got the tattoo at the Under the Gun tattoo shop in Hollywood Feb. 22. Shop owner Louie Gomez personally handled the inking. Afterward, the shop tweeted a photo of his handiwork.