Megan Fox Talks Tattoos, Cursing in Cosmo, on Leno (watch!) 1Actress Megan Fox flaunts her sexy cleavage and lush highlighted hair on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, but one of her signature adornments is slowly fading.

Fox appeared on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno last night and revealed that her tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her forearm is slowly vanishing.

Fox said she is undergoing a painful laser procedure that will erase the tattoo completely after several treatments.

The 25-year-old actress was promoting her new movie “Friends with Kids,” which hits theaters March 9. Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph, Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig co-star.

The film is about “two best friends [who] decide to have a child together while keeping their relationship platonic, so they can avoid the toll kids can take on romantic relationships.”

Despite her reputation as a wild child, Megan, 25, insists she’s a homebody who wants to have children soon with actor husband Brian Austin Green, 38.

“I want at least two, probably three [kids],” Fox tells Cosmopolitan. “I’ve always been maternal. I’m a homebody – I’m not wild.”

Megan says she’s often mistaken for being off-the-wall because of her brash language and outspoken personality.

“It’s because I have tattoos and I say curse words, and apparently, that’s crazy,” she says. “I think maybe I give off this energy of seeming like I don’t give a f**k, and that’s misinterpreted. But I’m not wild.”

Fox says she has found her soul mate in Brian.

“I truly feel like he’s my soul mate,” says Megan. “We’ve had obstacles, and we’ve overcome them. I don’t want to sound corny, or cliched, but I do believe that we are destined to live this part of our lives together.”

Check out her interview on Leno below: