Scarlett Johansson Lands Hitchcock Movie; Will She Do Nude Scene? 1Scarlett Johansson has signed to play Janet Leigh in a movie about the making of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960 horror film “Psycho.” Will it be her first movie nude scene?

The movie set a new standard for drama in a horror film, even though it was released to mixed reviews. It’s now widely regarded as the famed director’s best movie and is considered a classic.

Leigh, who co-starred in the film appeared in a pivotal scene that also rewrote the book on horror. She was stabbed to death while taking a shower in her room at the Bates Motel, run by a psychopath (Anthony Perkins) with major mother issues.

The scene was controversial, in part, because Leigh was supposed to be nude. Film censors at the time would never have allowed a nude scene, so Hitchcock artfully worked around it. Leigh won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress that year.

A film about the making of the movie would almost certainly have to deal with the issue of nudity. Johansson has never appeared topless or naked in a film, although nude private photos leaked on the Internet. No word yet on whether the film will require a nude scene.

Johansson will star with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, who have already signed up for the project, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Hopkins will play Hitchcock and Mirren will play his wife.

The movie will focus on Hitchcock’s struggle to make the film.

Johansson is next scheduled to appear in the movie, “The Avengers,” which will be released this summer.