Avril Lavigne graduates from the school yard to the boudoir in her new video for her song “Goodbye.” She told fans she would have a surprise for them, and she does, a hot sexy new look.

The video includes a opening shout out to fans who turned out for her “Black Star” tour and to her four million Twitter followers. “Here it is #LittleBlackStars! My special video to thank you for an amazing Goodbye Lullaby year! Love you! xo,” she wrote.

Lavigne, 27, who broke into music as a tomboyish skater-girl rocker, shows a more feminine side. She wears black stockings and a tiny black bra and panties in one scene. In another she’s wearing a black bustier with garter belt and stockings. Not her usual tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers look.

Check out Avril’s photos; click to enlarge.

She also trades her trademark straight hair for platinum blonde ringlets and curls.

Lavigne’s music career has been in flux of late. She seems to have outgrown her early image that played off young skater kids, but has yet to evolve into something more contemporary.

In the video, she looks like a Christina Aguilera dopple-ganger.

Like other stars, the Canadian singer has branched out into feature films, a clothing line and her own perfume line.

Her marriage to Sum 41 frontman and guitarist Deryck Whibley, ended in divorce in Oct. 2009 after three years of marriage.

She’s now working on her fifth studio album which is expected to be released this year. She jumped to Epic Records under mogul L.A. Reid last year. She said it would be more upbeat and poppy that her last album Goodbye Lullaby.

The album, a departure from her previous head-banging rock, received mixed reviews from critics and sold poorly. Just over 300,000 albums sold, the worst out of her previous albums, as of this year.

Check out her video below and photos above: