Khloe Kardashian's Bad Year: Is Kim Pulling Her Down? 1Khloe Kardashian is having a really bad year. Not only is she forced to constantly defend her sister Kim Kardashian, her marriage to Lamar Odom is unraveling along with his basketball career.

Khloe has apparently become the designated hitter for Kim in the Kardashian’s effort to tear down Kim’s estranged husband Kris Humphries. It’s made her look ugly and spiteful.

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In a supreme irony, Humphries baskeball career is back on track with the New Jersey Nets after being rid of Kim. At the same time, Lamar is floundering with his new team the Dallas Mavericks.

His abrupt trade from the Los Angeles Lakers was bad enough. But Lamar was demoted to the Maverick’s development league Texas Legends because of poor performance. The move was probably designed to provide a little attitude adjustment as well.

He was recalled last night when the Mavericks played the Utah Jazz. But his role on the team is far from solidified.

Lamar has had his own problems because his father is gravely ill, and had not played in a Mavericks game since Feb. 20. But his absence, plus a four-game losing streak and fan complaints were enough to bring him back. He had a decent night with nine points, five rebounds and three shots in 18 minutes of play.

Some critics also wondered whether Lamar was giving 100 percent because of his involvement in Khloe’s reality show, “Khloe and Lamar,” on the E! network, something other players acknowledged.

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“Trust factor is always big. For that, he’s going to have to earn it with a lot of the guys,” said team mate Jason Kidd. “We just want him to be him and be comfortable and play.”

“If he can play hard every night and be there for us, it’ll be OK,” added team mate Dirk Nowitzki.

While, Khloe was in the stands cheering him on last night, the two had a nasty fight on last night’s show. The two went ballistic over how Khloe treats Lamar. He thinks she’s too controlling and bosses him around like he’s an employee.

Lamar tries a little stunt to get Khloe to see things his way. He handcuffs himself to her. That was probably scripted, and only leads to more problems. Lamar takes her to dinner in handcuffs and she makes such a fuss, he storms off.

It may be all part of the show, but the stress on Khloe is visceral.