Olivia Munn has never shied away from her sexuality, and swears with the best of them. But she may well take the prize. Alleged racy photos of her went viral on the Internet today (Mar. 5). And what language!!

The photos may have come from cell phone she lost. Munn has neither confirmed nor denied that the pictures are of her, and laughed them off in Twitter post.

Munn released some sexy photos from a FHM photo shoot, so she’s no stranger to showing some skin.

“I got ‘em on the down-low so they’re not touched up or anything. Just the raw photos. So if something looks weird… that’s just the way I look,” she wrote on her web site, where she posted the photos.

These photos aren’t significantly worse in terms of nudity, but Munn allegedly added some commentary that delves into hot kinky sex. In fact, it reads like a porn novel. Unfortunately, the comments are too racy for this Web site.

But you can check them out here.

The racier photos don’t show her face, and in one, the woman in the photo is nude. It shows her from the neck to her knees. Most of the photos that show her face are likely hers, or someone who could pass as her twin.

Munn has a Chinese and German background so her looks are highly distinctive. At least some of the photos are from her 2010 Maxim shoot. And, the ones with commentary are addressed to “Chris,” which could be actor Chris Pine, whom she was dating at the time.

In her Tweet, Munn plays down her connection to the photos. “If you ever hacked my phone, these are the pictures you’d find,” she Wrote. Pictures of a baby and kitten accompanied the Tweet.

If the photos are of her, she’s set a new standard for girlfriends everywhere. C’mon honeee! Olivia Munn does it!!

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