Bruce Springsteen, Rock's Last Angry Man, Releases 'Wrecking Ball' 1Rock ‘n roll’s last angry man,Bruce Springsteen is about to do a number on the charts. His new 11-song album Wrecking Ball is being released today (Mar. 6) through record stores and downloading services.

“Bruce has dug down as deep as he can to come up with this vision of modern life,” said his manager Jon Landau in a statement “The lyrics tell a story you can’t hear anywhere else and the music is his most innovative in recent years.”

“The writing is some of the best of his career and both veteran fans and those who are new to Bruce will find much to love on Wrecking Ball.” The album is being streamed today from Springsteen’s web site.

Springsteen is the last angry man in rock ‘n roll, a genre that exploded with the protest songs of the 1960s. Most pop music today has veered into silly little love songs and escapism, with little real relevance to society.

After the near collapse of the financial system through Wall Street greed and an eight-year war in Iraq, The Boss wants to know what’s happened to the nation’s soul. “Wherever the flag is flown/we take care of our own” he sings on his first release. But he adds “the road to good intention has gone dry as a bone.”

The album release is timed to coincide with Springsteen’s appearance as the keynote speaker at SXSW 2012 in Austin, TX this month. He’s following up the release with a tour of the United States and Europe with the E Street Band.

The album has been described as his angriest yet. Bruce is expected to take aim directly at the establishment in the wake of the financial meltdown and the serious recession it spawned.

Wrecking Ball was produced by Ron Aniello. Tom Morello and Matt Chamberlain make guest appearances. Buy or download the album at Click the link to the left.