Kris Humphries Wants Kim Kardashian Utterly Humiliated 1Kim Kardashian’s bombshell decision to divorce husband Kris Humphries has tarnished the reality tv star’s credibility and made her a laughing stock, not to mention dimmed her future marriage prospects. But Kris wants more.

The NBA star appears to have dug in his heels and is proving just as obstinate as the head-strong Kim. He says he doesn’t want the money; he wants something more precious to Kim.

He wants to see her utterly humiliated by admitting their 72-day marriage was a fraud. That would mean she callously used him to reap millions of dollars from a bogus wedding. Then set him up for a fall through selective editing of her reality show “Kourtney & Kim Take New York.”

Last season’s show focused almost exclusively on the reasons why Kim decided to divorce Humphries so soon after marrying. It was interpreted by many as an attempt by Kim to rebuild her shattered credibility following the backlash over her divorce decision.

Kris was portrayed as an oafish, insensitive buffoon, who appeared to do nothing more than lay around and criticize Kim and her pals.

But friends say Kris was shocked to see they way he was manipulated on the show. The portrayal hardened his resolve to force Kim to admit the marriage was a fraud.

That would explain the weird way Humphries is dancing around money issues. Despite heated denials by monager Kris Jenner and Kim herself, the wedding proved to be a bonanza, according to gossip site TMZ.

Kris reportedly claims the money is sitting in a joint bank account and he hasn’t withdrawn any of it for his personal use. The Web site says Humphries made $1 million from the wedding and at least $300,000 from his appearances on Kim’s reality shows.

The Kardashian camp would like nothing better than to portray the divorce as a squabble over money, not her behavior or allegedly fraudulent scheming. Is it any surprise that Kris won’t follow the script?