Mon Dieu! Robert Pattinson Paris Pad Purchase Est Faux! 1Robert Pattinson may have strong feelings for Kristen Stewart, and Paris for that matter, but reports that he spent $1 million on a cozy love roost in the City of Light are, as the French say… faux.

The Twlight couple is tabloid gold, and the less credible publications and web sites routinely make up news about them when the RPatz and KStew well runs dry. But this one was especially too go to be true.

Rob is anything but pretentious and the idea of “splashing” out $1 million for a place to crash in a city he rarely visits is definitely out of character.

The story appeared in the tabloid Star magazine, which has a shoddy reputation for veracity to begin with. It cited a “source,” who claimed Pattinson bought the “love pad” to cheer up Stewart, who has “been really down” because the demands of filming have kept them apart.

“No photos have been revealed of their pad yet, but we’re sure it’s pretty amazing,” reported Hollywoodlife, which for some reason has condemned itself to repeat bogus Star stories unchallenged.

Rob, of course, hasn’t worked outside of promotional duties since “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” finished filming last year. Yet he supposedly wanted to take a few months off later this year and spend it with Kristen in Paris. So why rent, when you’re as wealthy as he is?

Kristen was said to be “so excited” because “she feels it’s a big sign that he’s committed for the long term.”

But alas, Paris is unlikely to see much of the “Twilight” pair, at least not shacking up in Robert’s love pad. There’s no truth to the story, according to Rob’s reps.

A source close to Stewart also tells Gossip Cop, it’s “totally untrue.”

For all the Web sites and bloggers that reported the story as true (and you know who you are), here’s an even better one; Sources say Kristen is pregnant with Rob’s baby and it really is a vampire! Run with it!