Demi Lovato Shows American Idol Hopefuls How Its Done (watch) 1Demi Lovato was the consummate pro on “American Idol,” despite all of her issues. She rocked the house with “Give Your Heart a Break.” Her supremely inspiring performance (a little pitchy) brought the audience to its feet.

Lovato should give Idol contestants a lot to think about. Although some of the contestants probably have more raw talent than the former Disney teen queen, none come close to matching her polish and stage presence.

The 19-year-old singer has been on the comeback trail ever since her break down in late 2010 during a tour with the Jonas Brothers in South America.

She emerged from rehab in January last year and has put all her issues on the table.

She acknowledged that she is bi-polar and suffered from eating disorders and self-esteem issues. But she should put her insecurities behind her. There’s more to singing than raw talent. Style, poise and passion go a long way and Lovato demonstrated that to the ll finalists last night.

Since her breakdown and trip to rehab at the end of 2010, Lovato has gained about 30 pounds and become outspoken about body image and healthy eating. She’s decried the pressure in Hollywood for stars to be thin.

She’s also spoken out about cyber bullying. “It really surprises me the hateful things people say on the internet.. After all the awareness of cyber-bullying… I mean wow. So sad,” she wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

“Praying for all the people in the world who feel it’s okay to bully people over the internet because if you are one of those people, then … You must have had something really terrible happen to your childhood or you’re really sick in the head. Must suck to be born without a heart.”

Check out her performance below.