Johnny Depp Digs Deep in Dark Shadows Trailer (watch!) 1Johnny Depp is off on another foppish flight of fantasy in a new trailer for “Dark Shadows,” the Tim Burton send up of the 1970s television series. It looks like a hilarious costume romp, dripping with sarcasm.

Depp, 48, is his usual self as vampire Barnabas Collins, who resurfaces in 1972 after two centuries trapped in his coffin.

He’s utterly befuddled by disco, Chevys and the equally odd Stoddard family, which is occupying his castle, known as Collinwood Manor.

Chloe Moretz looks like she could steal the movie as the jaded, rebellious daughter Carolyn Stoddard, while Eva Green is larger than life as witch Angelique Bouchard.

Helena Bonham Carter, who has played opposite Depp in a number of movies, is an eccentric psychiatrist, Dr Julia Hoffman.

Barnabas Collins is an 18th century baron, who is rich and powerful. He breaks Angelique’s heart and she casts an evil spell on him. He becomes a vampire and the townsfolk bury him alive.

Collins is freed from his coffin two centuries later. He discovers distant cousin Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer) living in his castle with Hoffman, whom she’s brought in to counsel her brother Roger’s (Jonny Lee Miller) troubled son, David (Gulliver McGrath).

Angelique shows up as well to pursue her love affair with Barnabas… or destroy him. And, the two wreak havoc.

“I adored Dracula and still do. All those wonderful horror films. This was an opportunity to go into something which doesn’t really exist any more, which is classic make-up and a classic monster character,” Depp told MTV in a recent interview. “So that was really the inspiration and what Tim and I talked about a lot.”

Dark Shadows hits theaters May 11. Check out the trailer below: