Tiger Woods a Porn-Obsessed Chump, Golf Pro Says in New Book 1Tiger Woods, portrayed for most of his career as a generous, upstanding family man, is in fact, rude, cheap, self-absorbed and porn-obsessed–exactly as he appeared during is infamous 2009 sex scandal.

The view is contained in “The Big Miss,” a new book by golf pro Hank Haney, who worked as Woods’ swing coach and knew the golf star intimately.

Haney quit as the golfer’s swing coach in 2010 after six years and months after the sex scandal broke on the morning of Thanksgiving Day in 2009. He now calls the golfer a tempestuous, rude, cheap, porn-watching superstar oblivious to those around him, The New York Times reported.

Woods was initially linked sexually to New York party girl Rachel Uchitel by a story in the National Enquirer. But the scandal blew open after his wife Elin Nordegren found text messages from Uchitel in Woods’ cell phone.

Haney writes that Woods’ cellphone began going off more often starting in 2007. Rather than ignoring the calls as was past practice, Woods would answer, callback or check for texts.

An argument ensued and Woods wrecked his car early in the morning outside his Florida home. Afterward, more than a dozen women came forward and claimed to have had sex with the golfer. His 2004 marriage to the Swedish beauty ended in divorce and his reputation was left in tatters.

Haney says he could see signs of Woods’ imperious, self-absorbed behavior before that.

The golf pro tells a story about Woods eating habits. Once he finish his dinner at a restaurant — even when he was with his wife, Elin — he’d get up, leave without a word and expect everyone to follow, even if they were still eating. “When he was done — and he habitually ate fast — you were done,” Haney writes.

Despite his enormous wealth and seven-figure income, Woods “seemed to think it was funny to be cheap,” Haney adds.

Although the sex scandal ruined his public image, Woods laughed when the scandal was featured in an episode of the satirical cartoon series “South Park.”

He laughed as his character called his then-wife Elin a “crazy bitch” and a “stupid Swedish cow” as she pummeled him with a golf club.

Woods is back on the tour and close to his old form. Elin has moved on and reportedly has a new boyfriend. Haney’s book is due out March 27.