Lana Del Rey has returned with a highly polished video for her new song “Blue Jeans.” The slickly produced clip conveys a dreamlike state of bliss and eroticism, as Del Ray cavorts in a swimming pool with a surly looking tattooed lover.

He reptile-looking man is a metaphorical alligator ready to consume her as they make love in the surreal black-and-white visage.

“Blue Jeans” is the third single off her first major-label album Born to Die, which rocketed to No. 2 on pop charts, despite waves of criticism and a shaky performance on “Saturday Night Live.”

The video is a far cry from the amateurish looking, self-produced video for her breakout YouTube hit “Video Games.” But it retains the same look and minimalist feel. Yoann Lemoine, who also directed her video for lead single “Born to Die” is back at the helm. It’s shot entirely in black-and-white.

Metaphorical bullshit aside, Del Rey is seen in a white vintage-style, one-piece suit next to a swimming pool outside a ’60s era California-style ranch house. Her tattooed lover is Bradley Soileau, who also appeared in her “Born to Die” clip.

A haunting violin refrain opens the clip with Del Ray appearing as a reflection in a rippling pool of water. Del Ray spends a lot of time on her back while the creepy guy oogles her, slides his fingers down her throat and caresses her neck with his tattooed hands.

While they are swimming in the pool, alligators appear, apparently symbolizing the self-consuming nature of the relationship.

Check out the clip below.

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