Mary Kate: What Does She Know About Heath Ledger Death? 1Mary Kate Olsen is under pressure from family members of the late Heath Ledger to detail what she knows about the movie star’s sudden death four years ago from a drug overdose. She’s never spoken to the family about it.

Olsen was reportedly in a budding relationship with Ledger and the Australian actor was staying at her New York City apartment when he died from a deadly combination of prescription drugs in January of 2008, according to The National Enquirer.

Ledger was found unconscious by his housekeeper, Teresa Solomon, and masseuse, Diana Wolozin. He was lying in his bed at about 2:45pm in the fourth-floor SoHo apartment owned by Olsen. Wolozin reportedly called Olsen before calling police.

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Olsen called her security guards and ordered them to go to the apartment.  Wolozin called Olsen again before finally calling for emergency medical help at around 3:26pm.

An emergency squad arrived about seven minutes later, but was unable to revive Ledger;  he was pronounced dead at the scene. There’s some question when Olsen’s security guard arrived at the apartment.

According to the official account, it was only moments before the emergency team. But Ledger’s neighbor, Joseph Cotto, said Mary-Kate’s security guard arrived before the police.

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“We don’t know enough about the exact circumstances of Heath’s death,” Richard Syme, a cousin of Heath’s father, told The Enquirer.

“Prescription drugs and all sorts of things were found in his apartment, but Mary-Kate Olsen didn’t ever go on the record to talk about what happened. It would be good if she did,” he said.

The actress was 3,000 miles away in California when Ledger died, but they were often spotted walking together in their SoHo neighborhood before his death. Ledger was reportedly having trouble sleeping and may have been ill with a lung infection.

Mary Kate’s lawyer Michael C. Miller said in a statement at the time that the actress and fashion designer had cooperated with police and provided a chronology of events surrounding Ledger’s death. But it has never been made public. She denied knowing the source of the drugs.