Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games New York PremiereJennifer Lawrence won’t be joining thousands of fans who flock to theaters this weekend to see “The Hunger Games.” She told David Letterman last night that she hates watching herself on the big screen. “I’m a troll,” she said.

Curmudgeonly Dave had asked Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen in the movie, whether it was possible to view the film as a fan. Jen gave a most unexpected answer.

“No, I’m a troll,” she said. “I hate myself whenever I watch. Don’t go see the movie,” she said turning to the audience.” That seems unlikely the film has already sold out more than 2,000 performances around the country ahead of its debut Friday (Mar. 23)

“I think the movie is great. Their biggest mistake was me,” she said.

Dave looked slightly annoyed as he paused for moment. “Okay,” he finally said. “Let’s go back to you hate yourself. I understand, because I don’t like to look at myself. But it’s genuine because I’m unpleasant looking.”

“It’s the same,” said Lawrence.

Dave also asked about that “red carpet nonsense.” Lawrence has done at least four premieres so far. She said she tripped “massively” at three of them.

“It’s so scary, and then, I ended up getting hyper, like I am now.”

Lawrence confessed that she gets really hyper, and it wasn’t hard to believe. She talked a mile a minute and seemed super jumpy on the show.

I’m like a Chihuahua; I’m shaking and peeing,” she said.

She better get used to it. The film is generating positive reviews and estimates range as high as $100 million to $120 million for its opening weekend box office. That puts it in the major league for box office smashes.

Plus she has two more films to go. Check out the interview below.