Kim Kardashian, The Tonight Show, TheImproper.comKim Kardashian relieved sister Khloe Kardashian from defending her on talk shows, and told Jay Leno last night she married Kris Humphries for love, even though her career has been all about money.

Kim sparked a huge media backlash that crippled her credibility after deciding to divorce Humphries just 72 days after their blowout $18 million wedding, from which both profited handsomely.

She compounded her problems by turning her reality show “Kourtney & Kim Take New York,” into a season long bashing of Humphries in an effort to justify her decision. “I want that forever, I believed in love, I still do. But to be fair to everyone, I knew I had to end it and I’m OK with that decision,” she said.

Kardashian has since become the butt of Hollywood derision. “Mad Men” actor Jon Hamm called her a “fu*king idiot” and slammed reality television.

Yesterday, he said he didn’t want to be known as a sex symbol because then he “might as well be a Kardashian and have a sex tape.”

UK actor Jason Statham was the latest to use Kim as a pejorative when asked by Details magazine if he considered himself a brand. “F–k no, why should I? F–k ’em. Kim Kardashian’s a brand.”

Kim’s appearance on the “Tonight Show” must have been carefully negotiated. Leno failed to ask her about any of the recent criticism.

In the end, Kim said love made her do it. “I’m a person, when I’m in love, you can’t tell me anything.”

She liberally threw around the term “love” as the reason for getting married. Nice way to reinforce her legal defense against Humphries’ allegations that Kim engaged in marital fraud to cash in on her wedding extravaganza.

After all, love conquers all. Check out the videos below.