Katy Perry, Part of Me Video, TheImproper.comKaty Perry probably does more for the Marines than a thousand recruitment commercials with a rousing video for her song “Part of Me.” She signs up to be a grunt, but wonder how she’ll feel after multiple tours in Iraq and Afganistan?

For Katy, of course, it’s never more than make believe as she works her way through basic training and then hits the beach in a full-on combat training exercise, brimming with esprit de corps.

She decides to join up in a fit of pique after she catches her boyfriend flirting with another girl. She ducks into a gas station bathroom, chops off her hair, lashes down her 40D breasts (why is not clear) with bandage tape and decides to become a better me.

She feels totally used by her boyfriend. The break-up anthem has sub-themes related to self-esteem that seems to dove-tail nicely with armed forces recruiting themes.

You chewed me up and spit me out
Like I was poison in your mouth
You took my light, you drained me down
That was then and this is now.

The inevitable question arises is the song directed at ex-husband Russell Brand, who ended their 14-month marriage last year? She debuted the single at the Grammys in February.

The 27-year-old singer, however, says Brand was not front of mind, and that she actually wrote the two two years ago. “Some people that I work with were like, ‘You should just say you wrote it a couple of weeks ago.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not a d***, I’m going to tell the truth,'” she told MTV News.

“I wrote it two years ago when I was writing and recording [album] Teenage Dream, [but] it didn’t feel right on the record. I’d have to take out one of my other songs that [made the album] a nice, complete package,” she said.

Perry also gave a shout out to her new Marine comrades. “Thank u to everyone for the love & support on the video, I have SO MUCH respect for anyone serving any role in the service after this shoot!” the singer tweeted yesterday (Mar 21).