Robert Pattinson’s movie “Cosmopolis” is a shocking joyride of sex, depravity and carnage that should give the “Twilight star no fear about shedding his goodie vampire two-shoes Edward Cullen persona.

If you thought Rob was a rogue in his upcoming sexual romp, “Bel Ami,” then wait until you check out the David Cronenberg film. It’s dark, twisted and erotic, according to clip obtained by TheImproper.

The 30-second tease was released in France last night where the film is expected to premiere before it hits U.S. theaters. It’s in English with French subtitles.

Check out Rob’s screen shots; click to enlarge.

Rob plays a billionaire New York stock trader, who sets out in his limousine to get a morning haircut. Although the movie takes place over the course of a day, he takes a bizarre journey through what looks like hell, according to the teaser.

Based on a novel by Don DeLillo (who co-wrote the screenplay), the drama is tense and shadowy. The clip opens with Rob in a voice-over. “I’m looking for more. Aim and fire, come on, do it, flick the switch.”

It then cuts to a scene with a hot babe wearing only a vest aiming a handgun with a laser sight at his chest. Rob is laying on a bed. Hoo-ha! The clip cuts to a number of quick scenes; Rob shooting a bullet through his hand; looking down from a balcony at a crowded club floor; staring shirtless into the dark. Yes, shirtless!

Sarah Gadon, Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, Samantha Morton, Kevin Durand, Mathieu Amalric and Jay Baruchel. co-star. Cosmopolis opens in France on May 23 and in Portugal on May 31. A U.S. date is still pending.

Check out the video below: