Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, half-sister of reality personality Kim Kardashian, posted a racy bikini photo on Twitter that shows her almost falling out of her skimpy bikini top. At 16, her photo raises questions about age appropriateness.

Despite her young age, the statuesque Kendall has already done several professional bikini photo shoots that have raised eyebrows because of they way she is being sexualized.

Kendall’s younger sister Kylie Jenner, 14, has also done some professional modeling, and caused an uproar at New York Fashion Week. She walked in Avril Lavigne’s show in violation of the industry’s voluntary ban on runway models under 16 years old.

Check out Kendall’s photo; click to enlarge.

Kendall has been portrayed as a role model in magazines such as Teen Vogue and American Cheerleader. Is her photo age appropriate?

Kendall posted the photo along with a Tweet about getting a fake tan. The photo, which her top pulled low, shows tan lines from her bra.

The young Kardashian, who also appears on the clan’s reality shows, has modeled for Australian designer Leah Madden, Forever 21, Luca Couture and Marc Clark.

Kendall has been portrayed as a role model in magazines such as Teen Vogue and American Cheerleader. But sexting by young teens, where they send racy photos to friends by phone or email, has been a problem around the nation.

Dad Bruce Jenner reportedly had a blowout fight with wife Kris Jenner over the momager’s plans to push Kendall and Kylie into a creepy photo shoot, according to The National Enquirer.

The girls were supposed to portray the super-creepy twins from the Jack Nicholson film “The Shining,” in a photo shoot for cable show “America’s Next Top Model.” In the psychotic thriller, the twins were murdered children.

Check out the photo and let us know your thoughts.

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