Justin Bieber Phone Prank Draws Threats of Legal Action 1Justin Bieber created some hell in the lives of at least two people in Texas and now they are hopping mad. Justin, who appears on MTV’s revival of prank show “Punk’d,” tried a telephone prank of his own that backfired.

The 18-year-old singer must not realize power he holds over his 19 million Twitter followers, or he was pretty irresponsible earlier this month, according to gossip site TMZ.

In many states, telephone prank calls are a crime and calls could be considered harassment if the recipient is made to feel threatened or intimidated.

Bieber tweeted a phone number without the last digit with the caption “Call me right now.” Thousands of teen fans took him up on the offer. They tried to guess the number by dialing it with different variations of the last digit.

Bieber or one of his staffers quickly realized the implications and deleted the Tweet, but it was too late. An unknown number of people received calls, and at least two in Texas are now threatening legal action.

An older woman, whom TMZ identifies as “Dilcie Fleming” and a man named “Kent” claim their phones rang non-stop with calls from eager Beliebers hoping to reach the singer.

A lawyer claims her client received more than 1,000 phone calls and counting at all hours of the day and night, and now wants to be compensated for the annoyance caused by Bieber’s “reckless” behavior.

The lawyers have asked for concert tickets, a Bieber apology, an endorsement for Kent’s upcoming online project and cash, according to the Web site.

No word yet from Bieber or his reps on how he’ll respond.

On the MTV show, Bieber and other young Hollywood celebrities play pranks on their friends. Victims include Khloe Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Liam Hemsworth.