Justin Bieber's Taylor Swift Prank; Too Cruel for School? (watch!) 1Justin Bieber’s “Punk’d” scene with country princess Taylor Swift was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and it’s hard not to come away feeling a little put off by the cruelty of the practical joke.

“Basically, she’s such a sweet girl so I wanted to like make her cry,” Justin told Kimmel. Was he joking? Or was he serious?

Because Swift appeared to get really upset with what followed. The prank involved some fireworks. “They’re awesome, they’re amazing,” he told Swift.

Swift pushes the button to set off a rocket that appears to strike a boat anchored offshore from their hotel room balcony.

The rocket appears to strike the boat and set it on fire, where a fake wedding is taking place. As the fire rages on the boat, the bride and groom abandon ship. They wash up on shore in a rubber raft in front of Swift and Bieber.

“Basically, she’s such a sweet girl so I wanted to like make her cry,” he explained.

“So I wanted to think of something that would really do that. And she’s so sensitive so I knew that if she thought she broke up a wedding… she was literally flipping out. She was like ‘This is not okay, there’s people …’ all of a sudden the bride’s swimming into the shore,” Justin said.

Justin and Taylor are real friends, so Justin definitely violated her trust by pranking her.

“Yeah, that is a solid prank,” said Kimmel.

The teen singer appeared on the show with Ashton Kutcher, who hosted “Punk’d” on MTV during its first run between 2003 and 2007.