Dakota Fanning has been over-sexualized for so long, she can’t remember being a child. “I’ve never really felt like a child star. That name always felt really odd to me,” she says in a new interview and funky photo shoot for Wonderland magazine.

“I’ve just felt like I was an actor at six and seven and, you know, a child who happened to act. But when you turn 18 you’re seen as able to do more things and more roles,” she says.

Her breakout role came in Sean Penn’s 1991 movie “I am Sam.” She played the daughter of Penn’s developmentally disabled character.

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She was seven at the time, but actually started acting at five years old. She’s already appeared in 34 films, a lifetime career for some actors.

Dakota Fanning Hones Come Hither Look

“For someone who’s that young to feel completely at home being filmed playing someone else, that really means that that’s where you belong,” she says. “So that’s how I view that film as a whole–as a moment when I just realized, ‘I could do this. I could do this forever.'”

Over the course of her career, she’s raised eyebrows more than once for her provocative Lolita-like photo shoots. One of her advertisements was banned in Britain for being too sexually overt.

Fanning, who finally turned 18 in February, has tried really hard to keep it real. She attends classes at New York University and is intent on blending in, and ultimately graduating.

Dakota Fanning Swaps Lolita for Luscious

“I really don’t need to let people know where I am and what I’m doing. I feel like a lot of people want their privacy but yet they tell people where they are,” she says.

“I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter and I won’t ever. There’s plenty of impostors out there! There’s enough Dakota Fannings on Twitter for all of us!”

In the accompanying photo spread, she looks years beyond her age again, in a vintage, 1920s-inspired clothes. Photographer Cedric Buchet is behind the lens.