Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has one of the most distinctive voices in rock, but why the hell is he singing the National Anthem at the AFC Championship football game? He sounded like the air brakes on a New York City subway car.

Of course it helps to be pals with New England Patriots owner Robert K. Kraft. His team hosted the game against the Baltimore Ravens. Tyler lounged in Kraft’s luxury skybox during the game. Odds are the mogul got him the gig.

Tyler is somewhat of a favorite son in Boston. He was born in Yonkers, a suburb of New York City, but after he formed Aerosmith, the band moved to Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton in Boston. It played local clubs and became associated with the city.

It must have seemed like a bright idea at the time to give anthem duties to Boston’s prodigal son. But Tyler is 63 and after years of whiskey, cigarettes and drugs, his voice sounds like the rusty barn door hinges.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” is a difficult song to sing right off the bat because it requires a wide vocal range. And let’s face it, Tyler hasn’t seen the high end of his since Just Push Play in 2001.

It was far from the worst performance ever by a celebrity. Christina Aguilera and Scott McCreery bungled the words. But his was the hardest to listen to, although he got the words right and put his heart and soul into it.

The NFC played it safe; it went with Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, who is used to projecting her voice from a stage. She was flawless, if less colorful.

Check out Tyler below: