Miley Cyrus Hurt in Very Sensitive Place in Accident 1Miley Cyrus has injured herself in an accident in a very sensitive place. The 19-year-old, always an over-discloser, tweeted to fans that she “cracked her tailbone” doing a flip onto her couch. Sounds kinda fishy.

It’s hard to imagine how the star could crack her tailbone on a cushy couch. But she didn’t provide a lot of detail.

“Cracked my tail bone doing a front flip… on to the couch,” she Tweeted. “That’s like when I tripped over a pillow and broke my arm. Only me,” she added.

Sounds like she must have missed the couch all together.

Miley seemed fine over the weekend. She was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, looking less for the wear. When it comes to motor skills, however, Miley apparently has issues.

She also related how she previously hurt herself. “I cracked my tailbone once playing soccer and let me tell you, it ain’t no picnic,” she wrote.

Hopefully, Miley will be back in action for the Academy Awards on Feb. 26 and The Hunger Games premiere in March. She’s expect to accompany boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who stars in the picture.

Miley is better known for bruising her image rather than her body. In her latest episode, the teen star was photographed goofing over boyfriend Liam’s penis shaped birthday. A conservative parents’ group did not approve.