Chris Rock Shocker: He Wants a White President (watch!) 1Chris Rock has a message for all the white people who are voting the color of their skin in the upcoming election; he wants a white President, too. But by his estimation the whitest candidate in the race is… Barack Obama. Say What?

The acerbic comedian delivered a recorded message to white voters on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, explaining why white voters should be voting for the president.

Kimmel set up the clip by noting that the presidential election is neck-in-neck going into the final two days of the election. “Both campaigns made their final push today. Romney has a very strong lead among white voters,” he explained.

“But some prominent Obama supporters are looking to chip into that and our friend Chris Rock is one of them. Tonight he’s recorded a special message for us targeted specifically at undecided voters of the caucasian variety.”

Rock opened his statement sitting in front of a resplendent American flag. “In times like these, you need a white president you can trust,” he said. ” And that white president’s name is Barack Obama.

And, the evidence. Well, Rock notes that Obama was raised by white people and for the first two-thirds of his life was known as “Barry,” the third “whitest name on earth,” right behind Jeff and Cody, he said.

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