Kendall Jenner, the gorgeous half-sister of Kim Kardashian, turned 17 over the weekend. Now she’s only one year away from nipple slips and wardrobe mishaps that Kim and half-sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have turned into an art form.

Khloe was the latest to employ her, ahem, assets, when she debuted as a co-host on Simon Cowell’s music talent show “X-Factor” wearing a sheer blouse without a bra.

A combination of the studio’s air conditioning and the bright television kleig lights illuminated Khloe’s breasts in a way that usually isn’t seen on family television.

Kendall Jenner, The Year in Sexy Photos

“May I say Khloe, you’re looking very sexy tonight… I think the air conditioning is on high tonight,” said the music mogul from the judge’s chair.

Kendall is still legally a minor, so publishing photos of her private parts could run afoul of child pornography laws. Lawyers for Miley Cyrus often cited kiddie porn laws to prevent Cyrus’s frequent exposures from spreading over the Web.

But that hasn’t stopped momager Kris Jenner from signing off on provocative, and questionably age appropriate, bikini photo shoots since Kendall’s been 15. The statuesque five-foot, 11-inch tall teen is drop-dead model beautiful. She towers over Kim at five-feet, one-inch tall.

Kim, of course, became a celebrity after a sex tape leaked onto the Internet in 2007. It helped launch her career as a reality TV star. Beyond that, she’s had numerous wardrobe malfunctions and also posed for Playboy in the nude.

“Happy birthday to my gorgeous baby sister, Kendall! I love you soooooo much!!! I can’t believe you are 17! Xo,” Kim tweeted to her 16.5 million followers.

It’s an open question whether Kendall will go the sex tape route, since she’s already gained a measure of celebrity as Kim’s kin. But next year, when she turns 18, she’ll no longer be a minor. Any photos of her in various states of undress will be fair game.

Until then, check out a compilation of her stunning bikini photos and count the days. Also, click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest Kardashian clan updates.

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