Did Taylor Swift Take Advantage of Vulnerable Conor Kennedy? 1

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Taylor Swift blew into young Kennedy scion Conor Kennedy’s life like a sudden summer squall. Now, her departure just as abruptly is raising questions about the nature of the relationship and its potentially devastating after effects.

Conor’s relationship with Swift came at a particularly sensitive time in his life almost immediately following the tragic suicide death of his mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The relationship generated a seemingly endless stream of tabloid hype that portrayed the pairing as a made-in-heaven, true love romance. Adding to the drama were reports that Kennedy doyens Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger were hell-bent on breaking them up.

Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy Hot Summer Fling Cools; C’est la vie?

Now that the dust is beginning to settle, a new report suggests that Swift abruptly dumped the 18-year-old, shattering his self-esteem at a time when his life was in upheaval. If true, Swift’s cold-hearted selfishness is worthy of one of her breakup songs.

One thing is certain, Swift can’t seem to maintain a relationship for more than three months. That may be the most disturbing pattern to emerge from her string of relationships with the likes of Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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She’s talented, beautiful and can get almost anything she wants, but she’s starting to look like a headcase. Call it a bad case of narcissism, or a wild Kennedy Camelot fantasy.

“She’s making it appear Conor did the dumping because she didn’t want to come out looking like the villain,” a source close to the Kennedy family told The National Enquirer. “He’s still reel­ing from the suicide of his mom Mary in May.”

Unfortunately, the relationship was so over-hyped by the tabloids it’s hard to know what to believe about the 22-year-old country star. Was the romance ever as serious as it was portrayed, given Conor’s age? He’s still in high school.

Taylor Swift More Kennedy Drama; Cousins Freeze Her Out

And whoever heard of someone close to the Kennedys talking to The National Enquirer, which has battered the family for years. Still, something doesn’t add up in the relationship.

Perhaps the simplest answer is that the two were pulled apart by unavoidable competing obligations — Swift’s return to the road to promote her new album Red and Conor’s need to finish high school.

Swift is reportedly still planning to buy a seaside mansion next to the Kennedy compound in Hyannis, Mass, suggesting she intends to remain close to Conor, or a thorn in Kennedy’s side.

Fans will just have to wait until her next album to learn her true intentions through her songs.