Selena Gomez Nixes Justin Bieber Role on Wizards Reunion Show 1Selena Gomez was the undisputed star of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” so there’s no question now that she’s calling the shots on the hour-long Wizards reunion special. But did she really ban Justin Bieber from landing a cameo role?

Gomez may only be 20, but she’s also the show’s executive producer and undoubtedly has a lot of say over the production.

Boyfriend Justin is desperate to get a leg up in the movie business, just in case his pop music career begins to fizzle like so many teen heartthrobs before him. So he reportedly had this great idea to appear in the show, and offered to co-star in any role available.

He’s done a couple of guest spots on one of the CSI shows, but not much else. The Biebs thought he had a lock on a spot because his girlfriend is executive producing.

But Selena put her foot down because she feared the popular pop star would ruin the integrity of her Disney Channel series, according to The National Enquirer’s Mike Walker.

“Selena didn’t miss a beat,” an insider told the publication. “She rejected his idea, telling him his superstar power would detract from the project.”

Justin insisted that his presence would actually lift the show’s ratings, and Disney suits agreed. Wizards ran from Oct. 2007 until January this year. While the show was popular, it was no “Seinfeld,” or “Hannah Montana” for that matter. So how much integrity could be at stake?

Apparently enough. Selena was adamant, so Bieber’s acting career is back on hold. Thank god someone has artistic integrity.