Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart apparently spends a good amount of time fumbling around as a newborn vampire in “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” In another new clip from Summit Entertainment she puts Robert Pattinson’s Edward in a bear hug unaware of her newfound strength.

Stewart is nothing if not awkward in real life, especially in, shall we say, public situations under pressure, so her role as newly minted vampire isn’t too far from type.

The problem arises, according to “Twilight” vampire lore because newborn vampires still have a lot of human blood in their system. That heightens their powers and makes them stronger than the well-seasoned undead. After all, Edward is more than 100 years old.

In the new clip, Bella stares in a mirror and is amazed at how she looks. That’s another “Twilight” vampire anomaly. Historically, vampires don’t cast reflections in mirrors. She’s so amazed she turns to Edward to give him a big vampire hug… too big, it seems.

“Hey Bella, you’re a lot stronger than I am right now,” Edward reminds her as she puts the squeeze on his thin frame. It’s one of the many touching scenes between Edward and Bella as they begin their immortal lives as vampire husband and wife.

Rob and Kristen, who have rekindled their off-screen relationship in the wake of Kristen’s cheating scandal over the summer, are currently promoting the movie. Breaking Dawn, Part 2″ hits theaters Nov. 16.

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