Today millions of Americans will go to the polls to decide the direction of the country for the next four years. For all of the reasons stated below, we believe President Obama provides the best leadership and vision to keep the country on track to a solid future that includes all Americans. He deserves your vote.

16 Reasons Not to Vote for Mitt Romney

U1. Austerity. Want to see what a Romney administration would be like? Look at Europe: Austerity measures have already thrown the U.K. and most of the continent back into a recession.

2. No more Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve, which means a hike in interest rates. That may be good for investors, but will bleed the middle class, hurt housing and make goods more costly.

3. Romney’s promised government cutbacks will mean the loss of 500,000 to 1 million public sector jobs, cutting consumer demand even more, hiking unemployment. Hello, deep recession.

4. Limits on deductions will curb or eliminate home-mortgage deduction, returning the U.S. to a nation of renters. Great for landlords and investors (read: real-estate speculators), bad for everyone else. Hello, slums!

5. Reduce or eliminate the federal minimum wage, leaving the issue up to states. Watch the race to the bottom. Further disenfranchises the middle class, but a great way to compete with China.

6. Tax cut for the 1%. Just what we need: more mega-mansions, bigger yachts and private jets (tax-deductible, of course).

7. High gas prices. Romney’s energy policy to drill for more domestic oil is only feasible if oil prices remain above $85-$90 a barrel. Otherwise, it’s not economical to drill for hard-to-recover reserves or mine Canada’s tar sands.

8. Repeal of Obamacare. Great if you are under 30 and in good health. Bad for everyone else, especially those with pre-existing conditions. Will allow insurance companies to cherry-pick customers and raise rates. Get used to long waits in emergency rooms, less preventive care.

9. Repeal of Roe v. Wade, impose restrictions on contraception, end Planned Parenthood.

10. Return to a war-like footing, drastic increase in defense spending, and a likely military strike on Iran, inflaming the Middle East, spurring attacks on Israel and possibly igniting a regional war. War without end, amen.

11. Return to isolation in international affairs with the resumption of Bush go-it-alone foreign policy.

12. No cuts in tax incentives to move jobs off-shore or tax off-shore profits of U.S. corporations.

13. A war on illegal immigration based on policy of encouraging self-deportation, i.e., making living conditions so miserable immigrants will chose to go somewhere else. Goodbye to an America founded on immigration and the American dream.

14. Packing the Supreme Court with conservatives.

15. Making “right to work” the law of the land. No more employee rights, protections against sexual harassment or discrimination.

16. Walmart jobs. Minimum wage or less, no health insurance, no employee rights, fewer holidays, no paid days off, 60- to 80-hour work week. Fortunately, there will be plenty of them, because you’ll need to work three to even come close to a middle-class existence.

Hello, Charles Dickens?

16 Reasons to Vote for President Obama

Editorial: Our Vote, And Yours, Should Go to President Obama 11. The Affordable Care Act is saving lives, insuring children, and will make health care cheaper.

2. Obama ended the Iraq war, improved mental health coverage for veterans, Osama bin Laden is dead. Will not plunge the U.S. into a needless war.

3. Obama went to bat for the auto industry, staving off a deep, deep recession and supports worker’s rights.

4. Supports moderation on the Supreme Court

5. Stood up for gay rights.

6. Understands that the economy needs stimulus, not austerity, to create demand and help improve sales for small businesses.

10. Supports Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve who is the foremost authority on the Great Depression. He won’t let us forget the lessons of the past and force the nation to repeat them in another Great Depression.

11. His budget plan adds up. Will impose a reasonable tax increase on the wealthy to help reduce the deficit and preserve middle-class tax deductions, especially the home-mortgage deduction.

12. Will not destroy America’s social safety net. Will improve Social Security and Medicare.

13. Supported the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, supports Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights.

14. Supports strong regulation of Wall Street so our children will not have to live through another financial crisis.

15. Has a sensible energy policy based on improving efficiency and developing alternative energy sources that will lower gas prices by reducing demand for oil.

16. Supports the creation of decent jobs with decent pay and benefits and public support for job training so Americans have the skills for 21st century jobs.

Print this out and take it with you to the polls. Forward it to friends and relatives, and most importantly, go vote.

Keith Girard is the editor-in-chief and editorial director of An award-winning journalist, Keith is a former reporter with the Washington Post and the former editor-in-chief of Billboard magazine and of Crain’s Investment News.