Kristen Stewart: I Could Keep Bella For Five More Years (watch) 1

Kristen Stewart has lived with her “Twilight” character Bella Swan for five years; think she’d be sick of the part? To the contrary.

Stewart said on the “Today” show this morning (Nov. 7) that she could live with the part for another five years. Sequel anyone?

Stewart is making the talk show rounds in New York City and sat down with “Today’s” Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie to talk about a film that has consumed her life for so long.

“Your were saying there is a bit of melancholy here,” said Lauer. “You’re happy that the story has been told; lots has happened with Bella. But the instant it was over, you missed it.”

“I mean, to have five years with one main focus — it’s just rare for an actor,” she replied. “Usually you’ve got like five weeks, five months [with a character]. Yeah, I definitely, you know, I’m OK walking away, but at the same time, I could keep it for another five.”

Guthrie was curious about Bella’s transition from human to mother and then “butt-kicking” vampire and the degree of difficulty that had.

“Playing Bella so long as a human really helped me play her as a vampire, because it didn’t seem like this huge leap into fantasy land,” she explained. “It was a natural step for her. It was — not to be completely cheesy — but she really was born to do that.”

There has been some discussion about yet another sequel to the “Twilight” saga, but whether Stewart and Pattinson would reprise their roles remains to be seen.

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