Rihanna and Kate Moss create enough sexual energy to light a small city; put them together in a BDSM themed photo shoot and suddenly the heavens are spitting lightning bolts.

Moss, 38, is been the very definition of supermodel for more than two decades. Rihanna, 24, is the hottest, most sexually raw singer in pop. Both have been known as gender benders.

But who knew that Kate has always had a fantasy about being with Rihanna? She’s definitely one of the singer’s biggest fans, and when V magazine approached her about a photo shoot, Rihanna came to mind.

Rihanna, Kate Moss Dominate Each Other

The Barbadian is anxious to make inroads into fashion and has repped for Armani among other brands. So, Kate used her influence to put the shoot together.

The photo shoot was top secret. It sex sirens were photographed in a secret location while Rihanna was in London. “Kate’s a big fan of Rihanna and loves her attitude. Plus, she’s got one of her favorite snappers on board. It’s the ideal scenario,” a source told the magazine.

The homoerotic photos show Rihanna and Kate locked in a steamy embrace. In one shot, Kate is nude while Rihanna wears black lace underwear and bra and a black blazer. Her hair is cropped short.

In another photo, they reverse roles. Kate is dressed in the same outfit and sits on the lap of a nude Rihanna. The two also take turns as dominatrixes. Despite the steaminess, no private parts are shown.

Rihanna was back in the fashion spotlight Wednesday night (Nov. 8) at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York. She rocked teh runway in lingerie and performed on the catwalk.

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