Robert Pattinson Hit With Kristen Stewart Question on Today (watch!) 1Robert Pattinson’s pact with Kristen Stewart to avoid talking about their personal lives was tested on NBC’s Today Show this morning (Nov. 8) when co-host Savannah Guthrie popped a question about their relationship.

Stewart, 22, stopped by the show yesterday (Nov. 7) and Guthrie also asked her about their relationship, which appears to have been rekindled since Stewart’s cheating scandal with Director Rupert Sanders was exposed over the summer.

Guthrie got right to the point when she raised the subject. “So yesterday I asked Kristen if you two had gotten back together,” Guthrie said, “So now I want to ask you.”

Rob, 26, immediately put Savannah on the defensive. “I want to ask, because we get asked it all the time. Who is actually asking? Is it in your contract?” he said laughing.

“Yes, it is,” Savannah responded, going along with the joke. “I should have read the fine print.”

Kristen Stewart on Robert Pattinson: ‘Funny You Should Mention That’

Savannah changed tack slightly to focus on the problem of being asked pesky questions. “Does it get annoying?” she asked. “Is it a high price to pay? You’ve gotten these films, it’s made you incredibly famous, there’s been so much good with it — but it is personal now,” she noted.

Rob seemed to acknowledge being annoyed by personal questions, but replied: “It doesn’t have to be.”

“I could just sit here and talk nonsense about…getting old, needing a nap,” he added, suggesting that personal questions would invite gibberish responses.

Savannah seemed to get the point and moved on. Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts. Who did a better job fending off her question, Rob or Kristen? And, click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart updates you can trust.