Rihanna Definitive Word on Chris Brown: So Are They Dating? 1Rihanna added another chapter to her long-running melodrama with Chris Brown. She called him “dope” but confirmed that they are not dating in a new interview on Bravo. What about all the hype?

Ever since her August interview with Oprah Winfrey, tabloids have been filled with exhaustive speculation about the status of their relationship.

She told the queen of talk that Brown was her “true love” and she still had feelings for him. That was followed public displays of affection, reports about not-so-secret hookups and a budding collaboration on music. Tabloid Websites like HollywoodLife interpreted her every move as a desperate attempt to win him back, obviously exploiting the situation.

But she made clear to Bravo’s Andy Cohen that they are “not together,” although she laughed: “He’s dope too. He’s kinda alright.”

She also provided a different interpretation to her duet with Brown “Nobodies Business.” The prevalent interpretation was that it was a statement from them that they wouldn’t let public opinion dictate whether they resume their relationship.

But “Nobodies Business,” she explained, is her way of taking back her private life and refusing to let outsiders dictate that for her. “‘Nobody’s Business’ is basically the way I look at everything regarding my personal life,” she said.

“Even though you have to witness it, it’s being documented at every second, it still is mine. This is mine at this point,” she said.

If Rihanna has moved beyond Brown it may signal a newfound maturity. Then again, maybe not.

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