Anne Hathaway Saturday Night Live Open Les Miserable (watch!) 1Anne Hathaway was incredibly bouncy during her opening monologue marking her third hosting gig on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Of course, she couldn’t let the moment slide without a mention of her current movie “Les Miserables.” She hilariously compare it to the sketch comedy show.

Her movie reference promoted the entrance of Jason Sudeikis dressed in Les Mis garb.

“Jason, your shirt is so puffy!” said a slightly startled Anne.

Sudeikis breaks into a rendition of “One More Day” from the movie. Since Les Mis is a musical, the cast sing their parts, and Hathaway showed off her musical prowess.

The lyrics were changed to sing about Sunday, the day after the hectic show and the six days of rehearsal that precede it.

Before you know it, the whole cast was on stage singing along. Not exactly the strongest opening monologue, since there was no monologue. Why cramp someone who is so multi-talented she could have easily handled the open on her own?

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