Does Kristen Stewart Think She's Too Cool for Robert Pattinson? 1

(Photo: INFDaily)

Kristen Stewart’s love for Robert Pattinson may be wearing pretty thin. The “Twilight” actress reportedly shocked onlookers at a New York restaurant by brushing him off when he tried to get affectionate at a dinner with friends.

It’s hard to tell whether Stewart was being dismissive, or whether Rob was being churlish. He also may have been slightly drunk.

Whatever, the case, it apparently wasn’t a pretty scene when Rob and Kristen sat down with guests at the trendy Beatrice Inn in Manhattan on Saturday night (Nov 10), according to a report in The New York Daily News.

According to “eye witnesses,” Pattinson couldn’t keep his hands off his supposed lover, while Stewart seemed annoyed and self-conscious by his advances.

Pattinson and Stewart arrived at the club separately and joined Sienna Miller, the fiancee of Rob’s good friend Tom Sturridge, nightlife mogul Nur Khan and Gavin Doyle. Stewart brushed his hand away as he attempted to pat her on the butt, according to the eye witness.

Stewart could be heard admonishing Rob as he leaned in, at one point, to give her a kiss. “Don’t kiss me,” Stewart reportedly uttered while turning away.

The two where noticeably chilly toward each other, the source said. But they also left together for Khan’s club, The Electric Room after dinner.

The “Twilight” duo have been attempting to rebuild their relationship after Stewart cheated with married Director Rupert Sanders over the summer. You’d think, by now, they’d know each other after four years together.

But if this is love, they should just all the whole thing off.