Keira Knightley Shows Off Unusual Talent on Jay Leno (Watch!) 1Keira Knightley talked about small things (not those small things) on Jay Leno last night (Nov. 13). She’s making the rounds to promote her new film “Anna Karenina,” based on the Tolstoy classic. Acting isn’t her only talent.

Knightley, 27, caused a stir in the December issue of Allure magazine by discussing her breasts.

She explained why she was comfortable going topless in movies and the problems she has with their petite size. But Jay, an old hound dog if there ever was one, didn’t raise the subject.

Leno, apparently intent on keeping the conversation light, also did not bring up an issue that has dogged Knightley for years, her rail-thin figure. Tabloids have speculated that she has an eating disorder, which she firmly denies.

Nonetheless, she looked amazingly thin in a conservative green-lace dress that covered her from neck to mid-calf.

Knightley, arguably the finest English actress of her generation, revealed instead that she has a unique talent. She can play songs by tapping her teeth.

She also revealed how she portrayed Anna Karenina on screen as a slightly darker character, who is needy and manipulative.

And she told a ghost story! Check out the interview below and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more celebrity updates.