Justin Bieber was pulled over again for making an illegal turn while driving a hot Ferrari in Los Angeles. He’s been pulled over so many times, he’s almost as bad as Lindsay Lohan. The question is how is he allowed to keep his license?

Maybe it’s California, where the car is still king, or maybe because Justin is a celebrity. But he’s become a menace on the highway.

It was bad enough when he cruised around in a chrome-plated Fisker Karma, which instantly drew paparazzi. He wisely got rid of the car and was driving a white Ferrari this time, according to gossip site TMZ.

He was stopped Tuesday (Nov. 13) night for making an illegal turn and police also discovered that his registration was expired. Bieber was given a court date if he chooses to contest the ticket, but more likely he’ll just pay the fine.

Is Justin Bieber a Dennis the Menace on the Highway?

He was also cited for making an “unsafe left-turn” last December.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles uses a “point system” to rate driving records. Minor traffic infractions earn one point, but a driver is assessed two points for moving violations and even more for serious violations like drunk driving.

Drivers who accumulate points face the prospect of having their license suspended. Four points within a 12-month period, six points in a 24-months or eight points in a 36-months can all lead to the loss of driving privileges.

Justin Bieber Blames Wild Freeway Ride on Paparazzi

Unlike popular perception, points don’t disappear after one year, according to the DMV. Points remain for at least three years and can remain for up to 10 years for drunk driving or hit-and-run.

In July, he was pulled over for driving 80mph trying to elude paparazzi and was charged for speeding. A Los Angeles City councilmen, who witnessed the incident said Bieber was endangering lives on the freeway. He was cited for going 90 miles per hour in his Range Rover last year and has had at least one accident.

With this violation and last December’s, Bieber should have at least four points and possibly as many as six. So why is he still driving?

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