Twilight's Other Hunk, Kellan Lutz, Hits Up Jimmy Fallon (watch!) 1“Twilight’s” other hunk, Kellan Lutz revealed a hilarious story last night (Nov. 14) on Jimmy Fallon about auditioning for a movie role as “Tarzan,” without knowing the film was motion capture, basically a cartoon. Does he wish he was Taylor Lautner?

Lutz, who played vampire Emmett Cullen in the “Twilight” movies was on the show to help promote the last film in the saga “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.”

Although he’s appeared in every “Twilight” movie, he’s largely been overshadowed by Taylor Lautner, who gets most of the publicity for his physique and most screen time with his shirt off.

But Lutz, 27, is majorly buff as well and has worked as a male model for Armani among other brands. Because he’s a lesser character in the film series, he still goes on auditions, which are often humiliating for an actor.

Tarzan will be his first major post-“Twilight” film, but getting the part took some doing. He initially auditioned for the reboot of “Conan the Barbarian.” He lost the part, but planned to use an “amazing dirty brown wig” he left over from the casting for his Tarzan audition.

When he got to the audition, he stripped down to his underwear, put on the wig and headed for the room where movie suits were waiting. “I’m so far from Tarzan, it’s a dream role for me, but I’d love to do it, so I’m going for it,” he said.

After jumping around the room and acting like an ape, he found out that he would basically be doing voice-over for a motion capture cartoon, where he just wears a special suit, no makeup no costume.

In the last “Twilight” film, Lutz’s character sees a lot more action and he hopes it helps catapult his career as an action hero. Although it one of his signature scenes he gets whipped in an arm-wrestling contest by Kristen Stewart’s Bella.

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