Lindsay Lohan symbolizes Hollywood in R.E.M.’s new video for song “Blue.” It’s probably safe to assume the band’s take on Tinseltown is decadent and dysfunctional.

The alternative rock band, led by frontman Michael Stipe, formed in 1980 and announced their break up last year. But whether it’s truly the end remains to be seen. Otherwise, why release a video now.

The song is off the band’s purported final album Collapse Into Now. It was released in March a year ago, so the timing of the video is a bit odd. And, so is its cast of characters.

Lindsay Lohan Famously Photographed for REM

Beside Lohan’s star power, actor James Franco directed the video and celebrity photographer Terry Richardson had a hand it in as well. He photographed her at the famed Chateau Marmont, the scene of her many misadventures.

In perhaps a telling sign, the video opens with the words “The End,” only they are spelled backwards. It would seem to suggest that things really aren’t over, or maybe they are just ass backwards, or (add your own interpretation here).

Some familiar images flash by, like the neon signs for the Guinness museum and the Kodak Theater. A Justin Bieberr doppelganger in a leather jacket and shirtless fade in and out of scenes.

Aerial views of Los Angeles; cars in a night traffic jam looking like diamonds in a necklace and the Hollywood Walk of Fame all make spectral appearances. Lohan fades into view at about 2:21 in the 5:48 video.

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