Drunk, Delusional Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong Needs to Shut It 1

Taylor’s husband killed himself in August 2011. Months later, Taylor filmed season 3 of RHOBH and released a book.

Taylor Armstrong, the sad, alcoholic star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, can’t stop obsessing over her younger, hotter co-star Brandi Glanville or making a fool of herself on national TV.

On the Nov. 19 episode, Armstrong antagonizes new Housewife Yolanda Foster by talking while intoxicated during a performance given by Yolanda’s new meal ticket husband David Foster (the 16-time Grammy-winning record producer) at their lavish Malibu home.

Taylor, 41, also continued to repeat an ironic/sarcastic comment that co-star Brandi had made on a previous episode.

Here’s what happened: When Lisa Vanderpump introduced newbie Yolanda to Brandi, Glanville remarked to Yolanda: “Your ex-husband is Mohamed [Hadid].” Hadid, a filthy-rich friend of Vanderpump, has appeared several times on RHOBH.

Yolanda replied to Brandi: “It’s a small town,” to which Brandi quipped, “You know everyone, you’ve slept with everyone. It’s all good.”

Drunk, Delusional Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong Needs to Shut It 2

Taylor has had a grudge against Brandi since last year’s reunion show.

A catty Yolanda then twists Brandi’s words outright lies by telling the other Housewives that Brandi confessed that she had “slept with every guy in Beverly Hills,” when in fact, the comment was actually directed at, and was about, her (—–>Yolanda).

Since then, the alcoholic Taylor (whose husband committed suicide in August 2011) has been repeating the warped, out-of-context, remarks at every RHOBH gathering despite the fact that she never even heard the statements first-hand.

On her blog today (Nov. 20), Armstrong excused her bad behavior by claiming she was still grieving over her dead husband when she acted out at Yolanda’s party. Of course, she didn’t explain why she felt good enough to attend a chic beach party or allow herself to be filmed while still a grieving widow.

Armstrong’s own comments during the show’s  intro encapsulates who she is: “I fought too hard for this zip code to go home now!”

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma-born Taylor’s obsession with Glanville hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“I am not sure why Taylor continues to talk about me to complete strangers with secondhand misinformation — but she does,” Glanville wrote on her blog.

“It is sad to watch Taylor at times, and right when I start to feel sorry for her she does or says something really despicable.” Our thoughts exactly.