OKMagazine recycles newsRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have not only patched up their differences since their summer breakup, they’re having a baby, according to a new tabloid report. It claims they’ll raise the tyke in England. Believe It?

The “Twilight” couple has always been astonished by stories about them in tabloid magazines. But the latest baby story in OK magazine shouldn’t be too surprising.

The magazine reported the exact same story in June, “It’s Baby Time For Robert and Kristen.” A month later, Stewart was outed for her affair with married Director Rupert Sanders. Ironically, or maybe not given the source, the magazine also published an elaborate story the same month about the duo’s upcoming wedding.

Beyond reporting those bold claims, the magazine also adss a lot of little juicy details. In the June baby story, for example, it claimed Kristen was determined to have a natural child birth and that Rob had already written a lullaby for the new baby. Of course, everything was attributed to “an inside source.”

In the latest report in this week’s issue, it reports the same story under the headline “Big News!” The subtitle reads: “Robert & Kristen: Yes, we’re having a baby!”

Once again, the magazine citing anonymous “sources” has all the juicy details, including the moment Kristen found out, their plans to raise the baby in England and even details “inside their lavish nursery.”

Oh, and there’s also this: “Kristen begs Rob: Marry Me!”

Wait, what about the story in June: “Rob & Kristen – Wedding Of The Year.” It claimed that Rob popped the question at the Cannes Film Festival and had even given Stewart a “special ring.” It said the wedding was being planned for later this year. Since only a month and half remain, however, it looks like it missed the boat.

The magazine even reported the guest list; “Katy Perry, Charlize Theron and the ‘Twilight’ cast of course,” it reported. What no Rupert? Of course, Rob is writing another obligatory song.

These reports are shameless and now recycled! Expect a Rob and Kristen baby story every four months from OK magazine. Who knows, one day they may be right. Let us know your thoughts below, and click here to follow TheImproper on Twitter for more Rob and Kristen updates you can trust.